Good morning class:
Here are ten simple ways to get rid of a lazy boyfriend

Leave him
Like he leaves the dishes
Stain him
Like he stains his shirts
Ignore him
like he ignores the lawn
Make him watch you while you flirt
Kick him, bite him, slap him, hit him
Tie him up, put him in the trunk
Drug him, bug him, slug him, mug him
Wash your hands throw him out with the junk

Runaway now 2x

* Put your lipstick on
It´s ladies night
Kick your manolo blaniks high
It´s ladies night

Mind you he will cry and he will beg
Say all the things he never said
But he will never feel much smaller
'Till he sees you with someone taller
So watch your diet, read those books!
And don´t give him a second look!
And when you´re sad go out with the girls
And know tonight you don´t have to cook


Runaway now 2x

*Rep. 2x

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