Dancing  Bears,
Painted  wings,
Things  I  almost  remember,
And  a  song  someone  sings,
Once  upon  a  December

Someone  holds  me,
Safe  and  warm,
Horses  prance  through  a  silver  storm,
Figures  dancing  gracefully,
Across  my  memory....

Far  away,
Long  ago,
Glowing  dim  as  an  ember
Things  my  heart  used  to  know
Once  upon  a  December


Someone  holds  me
Safe  and  warm,
Horses  prance  through  a  silver  storm,
Figures  dancing  gracefully
Across  my  memory.....

Far  away,  
long  ago,
Glowing  dim  as  an  ember
Things  my  heart  used  to  know
Things  it  yearns  to  remember

And  a  song
Someone  sings
Once  upon  a  December
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